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ownership of a lil' pup

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yesterday i went shopping with my bestfriend who knows im a furry
and i have always had a problem of being embarassed of people seeing me in public. i usally try to get on with my day, however i want to break this so me and my friends usally dance, and sing, and rub around the place to get me used to doin g things in public

yesterday, however my friend decided all throughout our shopping to call me her lil' pup or her puppy, when we were leaving she asked if she was seeing her lil pup again.
during lastnight i asked her why she did this, she told me i can be her puppy if i want, just when we are alone.

does anyone have any experience of being 'owned' or being someones pup/cub/?


  1. Chiharu's Avatar
    Everytime my mom grounds me :P LOL. <3 kawaii, nah thats totally cute though bolt.
  2. AshleyShep's Avatar
    lol, yeah im dont mind it, must mean my furry side is stronger than my tb side
  3. Chiharu's Avatar
    nono i ment my real mom LoL, in RP i am the mommy :P
  4. AshleyShep's Avatar
    oh lol
  5. AshleyShep's Avatar
    *rub* = run
  6. Shadowhawk's Avatar
    Sounds like fun mate. Hope you and the girl have a good time.
  7. AshleyShep's Avatar
    thanks i think we will, i love having mates like her - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.