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Buying My First Goodnites!!

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Im wearing for the first time in a year and im actually wearing right now! Okay Heres how the story goes I walked a mile to CVS when i got there I was Extremely nervous as i walked in took me like 5 mins to find the baby section and i found the goodnights i was looking for Girls L/XL Goodnites so it would look like im buying for my little sister or neice or cousin w/e.

Anyways They were out so i snatched a pair of boys L/XL. when i got in line 2 girls my age or a little older walked up and stand in line behind me. They see that im buying goodnites and at age 19 and give me a dirty look. xD I was scared shitless good thing it wasn't anyone i knew. i was so nervous i forgot to scope out the store, also it would have looked suspicious since i had a backpack with me. Any ways i was a few dollars short so i used my Debit, i was so fucking nervous i scanned my card upside down like 5 times and she was like you have it upside down... Embarrassed i said this is my first time using my debit card. (I lied) I left the money on the counter because i thought she took the money and put the rest on the card. i begin to leave and the 2 girls behind me said sir! you forgot this! It was my money as i was walking back i said you put it all on the debit card? and the cashier said yeah. i thought to myself wow...

The girl handed me the money and i hurried out! I WAS HOME FREE! I made it out alive. i put the goodnites in my backpack and walked home.
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  1. baseballbrett06's Avatar
    Wow man intense
  2. Effect's Avatar
    Yeah it was. :P
  3. amon's Avatar
    I was going to buy diapers today, but I got sick. -.-
  4. Effect's Avatar
    Good, Now i just need a job, so i can keep my habit, Fetish up.
  5. Effect's Avatar
    Thanks for the Advice Peachy.
    And i thought i had just enough but the price was different then it was online. Oh well, I'm just happy i didn't run into anyone i know.
  6. matt1989's Avatar
    Congrats on the buy dude - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.