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Yian Kut-Ku. This monster here is the bane of every single whiny 15 year old "Gamer".

the first part sucked hard ... it wasnt playable in singleplayer because of the difficulty ... dont come up with "roflol noob omg!" ... its impossible for non-geeks to beat even the lower bosser ... the controls suck ... the camera suck ... it started to get funny when i used cheats n stuff to get better armors/weapons ... lol
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is one hard game. And because of that, it's doomed to shitty sales stateside. Why?

Because sadly, The majority of the market nowadays is filled with little kids who would much prefer a piss-easy game along the lines of Super Smash Bros, instead of playing a game where you actually see the "Game Over" screen. They don't want any challenge, they want a game with THE BEST GRAFIX, and those with SUPER LENS FALRE SUPAH ATTACS!!1

It pisses me off.

Kids nowadays detest anything requiring a challenge. If it's too hard, time to use cheats. if they still can't beat something, they throw a temper tantrum and call a game "shit". And they dare to call themselves "gamers", just because they own 5 different consoles and every handheld known to man, yet they can't stand playing a game once they can't beat a boss.

I remember back in my day when games used to be as HARD AS ****. Addams Family for the SNES was a demon. Alex Kidd in Miracle World would rape kids in the ass nowadays, since if you get hit once, YOU DIE.But then again, Little turds wouldn't want to play any game nowadays that doesn't have Motion Blur and explosions up the ass.

Which leads me back to Yian Kut-Ku. Monster hunter is fairly difficult in the early stages, adopting to throw you into the deep end and going "Swim!". Then by the time you probably get the feel for the whole game, and getting your ass kicked a few dozen times, The game Hurls you into a Boss fight against Yian Kut-Ku.

They throw you into a fight against one of the fastest Wyverns in the game.

And that's where kids get fed up and hurl their PSP / PS2 into a wall. Instead of sticking with it, they just give up.

The first time I went up against Kut-Ku, I managed to get in one hit, before he outright slaughtered me. "****ing Bullshit!" I thought. but instead of having a hissy fit and complaining about the game on some forum, I tried again. And died. Over and over.

But then out of nowhere, I was actually kicking his ass. I learned to stay on his right side so his tail whip wouldn't hit me. I timed my dodges to get around his tackles. and then wham, I was the one who was doing the raping. After about an Hour of practice, I could literally wipe the floor with him and not get hit at all.

ProTip: The game doesn't suck. You suck at it. i know that's a bit too hard for you to comprehend, but it's true. You're not a gamer, you're a tool, and a poser, and a douche who needs to be euthanised.

But it doesn't stop there!!! We've got those "gamers" who go ahead and write reviews~!

I spent over an hour trying to carve a couple of pieces of raw meat of a dead animal and still failed to manage it so gave up. I was supposed to “stand on top of the animal” to carve what I needed, but all I could do was run through the creatures! Come on developers out there, I should at least been forced to move round the animal, we’re in the 21st century after all. How can I stand on top of something that I walk straight through?
Your stupidity amazes me. How the shit do you expect to crawl on top of the carcass of a Dinosaur that's taller than you are? you don't, they made it so that the dead bodies have <em>no clipping</em>. But what's that? you still can't carve from it?

Stand in the center of the dead body, put away your weapon, and press circle. That's all you need to do.

You move your character with the control stick, whilst trying to keep the camera moving with the directional buttons
No, you press L1 to snap the camera behind your character. the D-pad is used to rotate the camera when you're either knocked on your ass and just need to rotate it behind you, or if you just want to admire the scenery.

It got worse as the tutorials moved on, I spent hour after frustrating hour trying and failing to complete them, for various reasons. I was stuck with nowhere to go on a number of levels, which meant I couldn’t complete my tasks and by this time I’d had enough.
... You failed at gathering herbs? you didn't know how to stab your sword into a velociraptor's face? all in the training mode's 50 minute time limits?

I was unable to fulfil tasks, therefore couldn’t really progress anywhere, whilst fighting the camera controls and what I describe as lazy coding. It appears that so much time and effort has been spent on making the graphics look good, that they completely forgot about what matters, game play.
.... L1, Mother****er. Do you use it? And Lazy coding? What, the fact you can't grasp how to skin a monster is lazy coding? It sounds more like you're missing a few chromosomes.

How do I sum it up? Simple really, probably the best looking PSP game I’ve ever played and one of the worst games I’ve ever played on any platform.

Conclusion: Kids need to admit the fact they suck at a game that's obviously above their capabilities.


  1. Raccoon's Avatar
    I plays games I suckz at. But I call it "replay value" or "value for money." Few games hold my interest: bad story lines, unrealism ( according to the ingame world's own rules) or being too repetitious. Though I always jack the dificulty to max. I like games that I am skilled enough to beat as long as I am on my game but which penalize laziness or sloppiness or over-cockiness. I got killed by a stunted scamp in Oblivion. Twice. For not hotkeying sensibly ahead of time.
    But yeah, instant gratification seems to be the way of things. And with explosions and sound and light shows in general - who needs stories, characters or any of that stuff.
  2. the0silent0alchemist's Avatar
    hmm i think ill give another example... the ps3 gam, ninja gaiden sigma... one hell of a hard game if (A) you dont quite know how to synchronize your techniques or (b) if your not full to the brim with health potions... for me and my brother its pretty much both... but i slog at it and after a while we got it but the going just got even tougher on hard ( the second difficulty level) with not only more formidable enemies but more expensive purchasing and a lack of (admittedly silly) assistance from ayane who constantly follows you yet never actually steps in... both me and my brother are dreading the next difficulty level...

    however we quickly figured out a slightly cheap way of getting through some pretty nasty areas by fulfilling (B) and that was by discovering areas which contain medium sized amounts of reletively easy foes that we repeatedly farm for currency and refill esence which (cleverly enough can fuel *charge up attacks* which when fully charged exponentially increase the profit gained from nailing an enemy.

    some of the things at your side at least when playing as ryu (the ninja) is your agility and ability to utilize a vast array of weapons with different srengths and weaknesses some nicluded are a twin katana set a single katana a large "cloud strife" style sword, nunchuks weither bladed or non bladed versions, a staff and a few others... this is excluding ranged weapons and *ninpo* spells yet despite this arsenal the game is still bloody hard.. and unlike my brother who is often the more skilled fighter than me... often overestimates ryu's abilities in the way of jumping and looking around leading to immense frustration... although we both agreed facing yourself with near zero potions and your enemy is as well armed as you were at the end of the game... is pretty one sided despite us once or twice reaching 50% after approximately 20 tries at him... - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.