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People telling their parents.

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Recently I've noticed blogs about people who have told their parents about their fetish.
Maybe it's just me, but I don't really understand why you would tell anybody about something so personal. Would you write a letter like this?

"Dear Mum and Dad,
I have a balloon fetish.
Please buy balloons for me.
Love, X"

Am I missing something here?


  1. dcviper's Avatar
    Apparently, quite a few of us are missing something. In my opinion, (and this seems to be born out by the conventional wisdom on the subject) is that wearing diapers, for whatever reason is an intensely personal thing, and no business of anyone else's, unless you plan to involve them in your "games". Sexual or not, I certainly hope no one plans to involve their parents.
  2. Chillhouse's Avatar
    Yeah, it's not just you. For some reason a lot of the teens here seem to want to tell their parents about deeply sexual personal feelings. That's just creepy, in my opinion.
  3. crazykittensmile's Avatar
    I feel this way too - I wouldn't ever dream if telling my parents, and I never considered it when I was a teen living at home. For me being an AB isn't a fetish, but it is still something personal to me I wouldn't want them to know - I know they would have accepted it as they're very open minded, but for me it would just be really awkward to be around them if they knew. There are some things about myself I don't feel the need to share with others, sometimes it's okay to have a personal secret.
  4. Fruitkitty's Avatar
    I'm in agreement that there seems to be a "telling parents" fad here at ADISC over the past few weeks.

    Such is troubling because it simply isn't a +EV idea for most people. It's also ironic because, with some of the recent articles that have been added, we've got an easier-than-ever set of resources on the topic to point people who are considering telling their parents towards.
  5. Chiharu's Avatar
    I think the big thing here is not everyone gets along the same way as other people with their parents. Maybe, these people writing their bogs have an extremely strong connection with their parents (like a really really good best friend) type of thing and those of us who are more distant to our parents cant relate as well. Personally, my parents found out on accident so i hit the "oh shit" bomb and things kind of happend like they happend. But also, i think it might be "Flavor of the month" because maybe after seeing afew more resources and peoples experiences, other youths decided they want to try it. Either way, towards vipers comments my goodness it better not be sexual that would be so nasty on like 9 different levels.
  6. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    Well, for those that are TB/DL on the sexual side, things can be odd. I feel that, so long as the parents aren't being INVOLVED with it, it's okay. I myself told my parents 5 years ago, went through hell, but now I have everything I ever wanted. Well, almost everything. (Still want a crib but that will require... aggressive negotiations? If anyone can place that quote you win a cookie lol)

    Anyways, for someone to explain being gay to another relieves a ton of stress, correct? Well this is the same thing. With sites like Understanding infantilism out there, it is no WONDER people are coming out of the TB closet! Also, when one person does something right and others like it, they will most likely do the same or fully support it. You go man! Cheers :p
  7. LittleFlint's Avatar
    Well, I don't exactly think people should due to the ways that things can go wrong. It can really mess things up if the parents aren't cool with it. On the other hand, telling someone is a BIG weight off your shoulders, no matter how it goes. Still, if you tell and things go south, there is no turning back. If your screwed, your screwed.

    I did tell my mom, but she took it okay. If I'm caught I can say "What? It's not like you didn't know..." It's just insurance that I'm not totally screwed if I am caught, plus I feel less stressed about it and I got permission to buy stuff online. So win, and it only cost me some of my dignity...
  8. Vayne's Avatar
    The only reason I feel I should is that I want to make sure they accept me either way. This is just my view of it, but I would only tell them so that I know that they can accept that part of me. I understand that they are my parents and they will try their best to accept me no matter what. But I think that people want to tell someone they feel they know so that they can talk to them about it, and get support from them. Since parents are a major part of a teens life I think it would make sense to tell them to try to get support from them. If you can't turn to your parents for support, who do you turn to?
  9. LittleFlint's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by cyan
    If you can't turn to your parents for support, who do you turn to?
  10. Effect's Avatar
    Whats wrong with telling your parents? I dont see the problem with it. i told my mom a few days ago and she accepted me.
  11. h3g3l's Avatar
    You've got it somewhat wrong. Many of the things we see here include these two elements:

    1. Reference to "research" that is piffle and nothing more.
    2. Threats: "buy me balloons or else I won't be happy!"

    But, yes, I agree with the spirit of what you wrote. I would hope that some of these parents turn around and say, "hey, guess what, kid? Your dad and I like anal play. God, I love it when he shoves his fingers up my asshole. I'll usually tongue his taint for a while ... now give mummy a kiss!" - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.