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what a day

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Today has been a crazy day.

Well it kind of started last night.

My mommy told me I better have my homework done for my class today or else I was going to be in trouble. She said no games until homework was done.

Well I did my homework til I fell asleep. Then I slept for 4 hours until about 2am. I got up and I played games from 2-7. I did not do any homework. I then got up at 11 and then after a shower laid back down until class time. I did not get my homework finished.

I was the first one to get called to translate.

When I saw my mommy online tonight... I told her about what I had done. She spanked me (I self spank according to her dictation). It was a very hard spanking the hardest one she has ever given me. I received 70 of the hardest smacks ever with mommy's hairbrush and then I had to sit in my timeout chair (wooden) for 15 minutes. I cried and begged her for my paci. She never lets me have my paci until the end. If I suck on my fingers, she spanks the palms of my hands with the hairbrush.

Then she loved on me and said she'd treat my bottom tomorrow night. I think I have several welts.

I got my first pair of footed pjs today in the mail. I ordered them from a lady on EBay. 34.99 not bad I didn't think and fast delivery.

I also went to the casino and won $315. But that was after I went exploring some 45 minutes out of the way and got lost.

Now I am layered in a Huggies, a M diaper and a L diaper a pullup a garbage bag serving as plastic pants, and 2 more pull ups in my footie pjs have a bib on and my paci in my mouth.

I also made my own paci clip today. I bought sticky velcro and very small chip clips for some pink ribbon I already had. it works quite well.

My bottom hurts so much. I wish I had someone to hold me in love me in real life, just a caregiver.
In cyber world I am sleeping in bed next to my mommy and I'm hoping I don't cry to much throughout the night.

I am wet but this diaper combo has to hold until the morning!

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