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Mushroom kingdom diapered adventures

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I know I didn't finish my last RP but lost the info that i had for the plot. This time I typed it down instead of writing it down.

The plot of this story is each of the characters find themselves turned into children somehow as their also diaper dependent. They will need to use their abilities as well as relearn what they formally knew over time in a quest to reunite the pieces of the diaper relic to be changed back to normal. They know they have powers but they can't use them quite yet.

The battle system will be the same. Get hit and you automatically use your diaper. After so much damage without a change and you become immobile unable to move till changed by a team mate.

Now for the sign up sheet.

Name: (If you want to play as a Koopaling then first come first serve. No Bowser please.)
Species: (Please keep it a Koopa species. Any Koopa species will do.)
Appearance: (pictures are welcomed. links only plz.)
Helping Attack: (one thing that helps out the team but has to have a down side. Can be upgraded.)
Name: DB
Species: Yoshi Koopa Hybrid
Appearance: DB and Blaze in diapers by Koopaboy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (on the left) As a child his shell has one spike in the center but it's dull.
Powers: Yoshi speed, tongue, and can allow up to 3 others to ride on his back/shoulders. Fire breath, strength, fangs, and claws. Also the ability to cook.
Personality: He's half good and half evil. Usually good though.
Bio: DB is Bowser's eldest son. He's not as well known as his siblings due to his differences.
Helping Attack: Feast! Different ingredients appear around him as well as a campfire stove. He fixes up a meal which causes the characters to grow stronger but they get a little fatter. At the end diapers are filled 50% of what is left to fill. (if it's fully clean then diaper is fulled 50%.)

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