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Last night, I helped our group, at school, get ready for homecoming. Then, well the 3 of us, went out for Pizza. Then we played Settlers of Catan Barbarians and Traders and the second game we played Babarians and Tradeers combined with Cities and Knights.

I got home at 1. I played Guitar Hero III until 4am.

I was on the computer til 645am.

I was diapered and got a bottle ready and went to bed. I couldn't sleep. I got up and stayed up.

I joined the council again this morning to set up for homecoming. I manned a booth getting saoked from 9-1 and yes, it was pouring down rain.

I am finally home. I've had a warm bath and I am diapered and have on warm and cozy clothes. My eyes just about can't stay open but I'm fighting it. If mommy were here she'd spank me I'm sure and I'd have no choice but to go to sleep then!!!!

Well I'm sure I will be out soon because I'm so seepies and my paci is making me feel that much more relaxed and comfy!

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