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Diapered Rabbit

Won an online contest!

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Not usually very lucky about winning things but usually sign up for contests when visiting Guitar/music web sites. I got an email from IK Multimedia that I had won their latest Amplitube 3 Software Bundle ($299.99). I almost deleted it as spam but later was on the phone with the Vice President in charge of North American Sales. WOW! Now I have to learn to use it, no easy task being kind of tech disabled!


  1. spddan's Avatar
    Ha! That's awesome. I would have probably thought it was spam too, but that phone call from the VP? If that's still fake, then that's one pretty big and elaborate scam!

    I'm not really familiar with Amplitube software, but my little brother was originally majoring in audio engineering, so he might have an idea as to what it is and does. I assume you're aware of what it is, and hopefully you can learn a few new tricks here with this thing. This is really cool. I have terrible luck on things like that myself, lol.
  2. MrMcAwesome's Avatar
    congrats dude just dont give em your details
  3. acorn's Avatar
    [QUOTE].......being kind of tech disabled! [/QUOTE]
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