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I's hacking!

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Humphrey Sez: I's home alone! Big bro's gone over to his friends house, so I gets to have the computer all to myself!!! So I think I gets to post here now what me and cooper do when big bro goes away, but you need to promise not to tell him! It's a secret!

Me and cooper play feet tickles, and we go exploring through big bro's hoooooole room! we finds lots of things, but we make sure that if we play with them, we put them back so big bro doesnt know we touched them! I tried playing his PS2, but I didn't know how to turn it on! so cooper climbed up really high so he was in front of the tv screen and acted like he was on TV! It was so funny!! then we either have a nap in big bro's bed, before we play tag! I win more, because I's older and faster! ^_^

We were even naughty and touched big bros diapers! he doesnt let us touch his diapers or his pacis, but we did anyway! Cooper got himself a diaper hat, but he tried putting one on but it was too big! I don't know why diapers make big bro hug me more, so we did some experimantations on them to scientifically determine where the hugs come from! the results were inconclusave.

I dont know what else to write about now. it's hard to write stuff when you don't know what to write about!


  1. cylenrii's Avatar
    thats awsome humphrey ,
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