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My life in diapers

It finally came!

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Or THEY finally came. Yes, both packages I ordered from online arrived today. I was quite surprised to find that both the Dry24/7 AND Abena diapers were waiting for me to pick them up. But this is a plus! I'm happy that I got both instead of just one.

My first time wearing a diaper in ages. It was a lot different from the depends pull-ups that I'm very use to. In fact, after I had worn a diaper for a while then switched back to the depends, I barely noticed I was wearing it. Does this happen with other people? It probably does.

Anyway, I first tried an Abena. .....I think I put it on wrong, it did feel comfortable just seemed a bit odd, perhaps I'm just not use to them. So I started testing by pouring water into it(I normally test new diapers this way) 10oz first time around. It held nicely and barely made any bulge. Poured another 10oz and things started to change from there. The first thing I noticed with the Abenas is that it is incredibly soft, it doesn't harden like some other diapers when it is in contact with liquid. I also felt dry(for the most part) I believe I poured 30-40oz total into it, it did leak a bit when I sat down,(probably due to me not knowing how to but it on correctly) but it did amazingly well, I was shocked. A very good diaper though, great if you have large wettings but I would not recommend soaking it in puplic, very bulgy! So be smart when wearing one.

Next I tried the Dry 24/7 small/med size. It was a bit small for me. But was wonderfully comfortable. Started testing it like the last diaper, pouring 10oz into it. It drank it right up and hardened. So I continued to pour more water into it until I reached 50oz. The first then I noticed with this diaper is that it hardens quickly, I must say that was a very smart move by them. Not only does this allow the back of the diaper to get wet but it also allows you to sit down with very little chance of it leaking, the front will get wet and soggy before the back will(I'm sure this would be different for the girls.) Sitting down it barely leaked. It was quite bulgy which made walking strange but not uncomfortable. It was slightly nosier than the Abenas but I was surprised how quiet they both were. I would recommend the Dry24/7 for those who have heavy wettings, and have a hard time getting away to change into a fresh diaper. This one is amazing.

Well that is that so far, I still have 1 med abena and 2 large ones, and 1 large Dry24/7. So not sure what I should do now, more testing? Perhaps... Anyway, thanks for reading!


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    Why waste the small amount of diapers you get by pouring water in them? I would just use them...Seems like blasphemy otherwise >__> - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.