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no more fear!

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well... lately ive seemed to have lost my fear of wearing nappies... like i live at my boyfriends house with his mum stepdad and sister, through out the past month we didnt have nappies/diapers, i brought some huggies dry nights and depends pull ups from the shops due to wanting to wear so bad, due to the size of these (very discreet) i wore them with out having the fear of getting caught, i wore one to my work meeting while cooking dinner for his sister and stuff, then he treated me to some nappies... i was so excited as the depends just didnt feel as good as a propper nappy...! i couldnt wait... since weve had them ive worn them like everyday... Ive started not to care about how my bum looks... like i would go downstairs in a nappy with just a dressing gown on... i walk around and can here my bottem crinkle but i love it, love the noise, the feeling... then last night i was quite wet, and it was quite low hanging... and i just didnt care... i would have used to make him change me before getting a drink or make him get it for me... before going down i would pannic and make sure it wanst noticable but now i just dont seem to have that worry of people knowing... and hes now the one whos like dont you care if people see.. etc... and nope.... i wear nappies and love it so who cares... this is ME :D

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