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New Musical Instruments!

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This late spring, summer and early fall have been good to me in terms of craigslists finds on musical instruments.

I own a number of Guitar and Bass amplifiers, but as far as modeling hybrid amps go, my favorite is my 60 watt tube hybrid Vox AD60VT. While searching on-line for parts to build a custom Black Telecaster in 2001, I found a Music Store that offered me a tremendous deal on my amp. (I wasn't shopping for a new amp, but at that time I only had a used Yamaha 212 solid state amp that was marginal at best). I bought the Vox from a Music Store Victor Litz Music in Gaithersburg, MD. They sold it to me for less than $500 and shipped across the entire United States for free. At that time the other on-line music stores were selling this amp for $800+ and shipping (expensive) was $75 across country.

Vox made a VC-4 foot pedal that retailed for over $180 and I wanted to get one in the worst way, but I could not bear paying the full price.

Less than 2 years later Vox came up with another pedal, the VC-12, that had double the features, tripled the number of user presets that you could program and allowed you to control TWO Vox AD (AD60VT, AD120VT, AD60VTX, AD120VTX, Vox ToneLab ) hybrid tube amplifiers simultaneously. This was now much more than an obsession; I lusted for this new pedal! These pedals had a street price of $280, and even though these amps are no longer built by Vox the VC-12 pedal is still being marketed with 0% reduction in price! (These amps were discontinued in 2007 by Vox because they were so expensive to build. They were replaced by the current VT series.

So I have been looking on ebay and more recently on craigslist across the northwest to find a reasonably priced Vox VC-12 foot pedal, for the last 9 years.

This spring I hit more than pay-dirt! On Seattle craigslist, I foung a young year old woman that had a Vox AD60VTX AND a Vox VC-12 foot pedal for $375. ($375-$280 for the VC-12 = only $95 for another AD60VTX amp. I had my son pick it up for me and hold it for me at his house. I picked it up when I went up to Washington State for his wedding. Score, Score, Score! Now when I play my Gibson ES 135 through this Vox pedal, I can play through two different amps at the same time (Stereo) with completely different settings and effects on each amp. It is a total kick!

This summer I wanted to find a vintage tenor banjo (tuned like an octave mandolin in fifths) to play Irish and Celtic music on. The end of July, I bought a Vintage Rydal Tenor Banjo (c1928) with case for $201 from an ebay auction.

At the end of August, I bought a Fender Squire mini Strat ($58, on ebay) to convert to an 8 string octave electric mandolin.

Yesterday, I purchased a Yamaha WX11 Midi Wind Controller (Think digital Saxophone) with the Yamaha BT7 WX Midi/Power Pack and the original owners manuals and boxes for $100. I already own a Yamaha Midi Foot Controller MFC2, that I got at a music swap meet 7 years ago, that was designed for the WX wind controllers that works perfectly. At present, I have for several instruments/sources for midi tone generators: Yamaha QY70 sequencer, a vintage Roland D550 Sound module, a vintage Yamaha V50 Digital Synthesizer and Casio Digital Keyboard and a Williams Sonata 88 Digital Piano. These all work as midi tone generators, although the QY 70 is probably the most versatile and portable.

Up to this point I've been using a Midi Casio MH100 Horn through this set up( i've been looking for a WX Midi Wind controller for 9 years. The WX11 and BT7 power pack usually sell on bay for $400+ if you can find one! Needless to say, I am so stoked, I could just squawk!

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