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I really should try to not be so lazy and update this blog more often. Ah well. I'll just take the easy way out.

*Kraiden plonks Humphrey down on the computer chair and walks off*

Humphrey Sez: That was mean! I was in the middle of collecting treasure and then big bro snatched me and told me to write something!!

Why does he think he can make me do all of the work all the time for? It's not fair at alls!

*Humphrey takes revenge by hacking into Kraiden's folder full of people hugging one another and deleting them*

Rawr! I has a vengance! I guess that makes me more fermocious now!


  1. Vladimir's Avatar
    "(...) Kraiden's folder full of people hugging one another (...)"

  2. BluTack's Avatar
    Yay! Nice one Humphrey You deleted all of Kraiden's porn...

    I think.
  3. Kraiden's Avatar
    *From the distance*
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