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Hopefully some help with buying diapers, bottles, pacis an stuff from the store - without chickening out.

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Would you be scared buying a bottle and paci for your baby sister *even if you don't have one*? Or because you are going to be babysitting your cousin? Of course not! No one knows they are for you and no one is going to ask unless they know you. And maybe not even then. But at the store, just get them with that in mind.. that they are for 'someone else'. If by some wild chance there is a comment, you can just look at them like they are stupid for asking.

People in general when they see you buying stuff for babies is the same as if they are getting it. When you see ppl looking for baby food or buying baby stuff do you think it's for them? Of course not. And the way ppl see you is the same - unless you look nervous or 'testing' and playing with the stuff. Odds are you won't be dressed as a baby and still nervous lol.

Buying diapers is just about the same. Even getting adult ones. There was only a couple times when something 'happened' but it never went even far enough for me to reply. A kid saying something to their mom - and the mom seemed to get more upset with the kid. And a young black checker who smiled and tried to get the attention of another checker but as soon as I looked at her she just went back to what she was doing.

When I first had to start buying my own diapers I had these whole big answers and just waiting - almost daring anyone to look at me or say something but it NEVER happened. The very first times I would add something that was cheap and made it look like it was surely for someone else like foot corn pads or womens pads (which was also used as stuffers). I was going to tell them they were for my grandma who 'we' were taking care of. --- Or another was to look mean at them and just say 'Ya know, you should thank God every day your mom wasn't in a car wreck and living in a wheelchair!" I doubt they would ever make some kind of 'embarassing' comment to anyone after that. I was basically swallowing every bit of nervous i could and just kept in in my head that they were always for 'someone else'. After a while it was just like getting shampoo or something. I actually would get more embarassed buying witchhazel wipes or high endurance deoderant.

I think that extra adrenilin also gave me the courage. After a few times getting them I didn't even care about just carrying a pack around the store. Sure i'd still watch for ppl to react but the didn't. The person at the register never even looked at me like they didn't care or like they were the one who was embarased (mostly the really young ones). Anyway if you go in with that kind of mind set then I think it will change your feeling of buying stuff. It did for me!

When you get outside and in a 'safe place' then you can pant hard and shake your head not believing how easy it was


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    When I go shopping I make sure to buy a lot of other stuff too such as food. Buy things that look like you got a family to support such as toilet paper too. It helps to reassure my mind at least that I don't look so suspicious. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.