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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

Party in the mutha****in' house!

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Actually, in the mutha****in' apartment, but never mind.

Yeah, I am hosting a party here this upcoming Saturday. Several of my AA friends will find themselves here, and it will be awesome.

I purchased a massive shrimp platter (currently sitting in my freezer), lots of non-alcoholic drinks to stuff in my ice chest (even though the only soda I picked up was root beer, heh), and on the day itself I plan on picking up a couple of take-and-bake pizzas. So, I think I covered my responsibility for refreshments.

I had hoped to have four player XBox 360 co-op playing going on, but sadly the person who I had planned on borrowing two controllers from had his whole system stolen from him by his vengeful ex-girlfriend. Ah, well. Another day, perhaps.

So, this will be the first ever such party that I have ever hosted. Hopefully, it will go very well.


  1. Talula's Avatar
    Good luck! Hope it goes well!!
  2. Snaps's Avatar
    Good Luck dude, Sounds like a good party!

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