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Finally.....the Moon

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After getting a telescope and waiting for a clear sky, guided by moonlight, Finally I've found her: the Moon.

She was so beautiful, waiting there for somebody who appreciate and capture his beauty.
So this is what I did, took my camera and start to take pics.

Here are some

The last pic Show the seas: The one on the left is called Mare Crisium (sea of crisis); in the middle, There Are Mare Fecunditas (sea of fruitfulness) (under the Crisium) and Mare Tranquillitas (sea of tranquillity) (to it's right).
Over tranquillitas you can see Mare Serenitas (sea of serenity). Next to serenitas There is Mare Imbrium (Sea of showers) and next to Imbrium the Oceanus Procellarum (ocean of Storm).
the sea In the northen area Is called Mare Frigoris (sea of cold). These last three can be seen better During the full Moon days.
there are also 2 Important craters: north to the Mare crisium the black spot is a crater called Endimyon; the one at the centre on Mare Insularum (between Imbrium and procellarum), a white spot, Is called Copernicus.

That's all.

P.S: if you are a fan of Sailor moon, you can notice That craters and seas has names of characters of the Anime/manga or spell's name.


  1. Lexa's Avatar
    Nice pics Target. I love the moon and the information given....
  2. blarg's Avatar
    the moon has always and will probably persist for many generations to be the "symbol" of new heights beyond the sky.

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