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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

YaY! The apartment is clean!

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It took quite a few hours to reach this point. I scrubbed down the walls in every room, removed the spots from the carpet that could be removed (although there is no way I will get my cleaning deposit back at this point - this carpet will definitely be replaced after I moved out), dusted all the furnature, took care of all of the clutter in the apartment, moved all of my ex-roommates stuff out of the living room and out of sight of guests and put it all neatly in one of my closets..... This was a truly massive project, as I have not really put any effort into cleaning this place since I first moved in over three years ago. But now, I am glad it is finished and for the first time in years, my place is presentable and actually clean.

Now I have to maintain this. Heh. That should be easier than the work I did the last few days, though.

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