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Taking A Break

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I have been back and forth between Wisconsin and Georgia a couple of time, now i'm on my way to Oregon from Alabama. Need to be there in Wednesday, but i have been working so long that I need to take a break. Im in Grand Island Nebraska at a very nice truck stop and i can get on line with my notebook and get some much needed work done. I get on line every day, but it is with my iphone and is more limited. I will get some laundry done, catch up on some sleep, then take off at 3am Monday morning and be in Oregon in 2.5 days.

I loaded in Alabama in a small town and there was a small pharmacy, so i walked over and they had some blue diapers that were an off brand that was made by prevail. They are SUCK! but the my need needed to be fed, so they were cheap and worked in a pinch. They are thin and fall apart so quickly. I hot glued 2 of them to together and it was better, but nothing like a Bambino. Anyone know when the Teddys will be back in stock? Im planning on buying a case. I hope they solve the take problem, but white duck tape from walmart is my favorite fixit for lame tapes. I just split it down the center and it lasts twice as long.

Gonna cose for now, dont know how often i can blog, but will try. This is kind of cool. MY VERY 1ST BLOG

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