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Apartment cleaning - hmmmm......

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I think that now that I am having company coming to visit me in my apartment on a regular basis, I might as well work on getting it looking halfway presentable. I am no longer living in a state of constant drunkenness, and now that I am sober, I realize how utterly disgusting my apartment actually was all these years. Today, I stopped putting off what needed to be done, purchased some cleaning supplies and rubber gloves, put on some very worn clothing, and went right to work.

I spent almost four hours cleaning my kitchen today (including removing the clutter from all of the cabinets, scrubbing down the walls, wiping down every appliance, actually using the oven cleaner my mother purchased for me to clean my oven with, giving the inside and the outside of my fridge a thorough cleaning, etc), and about 90 minutes on the bathroom (pretty much the same routine there). I have plans all day tomorrow, but on Friday I intend on working on the dining area and the living room, and then I'll save my bedroom for last. The closets are actually already in pretty decent shape, oddly enough. They'll be in better shape once my asshole ex-roommate finally comes to get his stuff out of here - but that's kinda my fault. I really need to pick a deadline for that and put my foot down on that topic.

But for now, I just finished showering, and I put on my South Park pajamas. Tacos and gaming will be the order for the rest of the day. Chicken soft tacos, homemade, extra hot, the way they should be. My tacos will kick Taco Bell's ass any day of the week. Never mind that I am the only person I know that can eat them on a regular basis - everybody else who has tried them the way I make them for myself responds the same way - "Ouch! This is WAY TOO FUCKING HOT! I can't eat this!"

Then again, every time I go to a Thai or Indian restaurant, and they ask me how spicy I want the food on a scale from 1 - 5, I always tend to ask for a 6. And I am thankful when they actually do deliver on that. I want to visit Thailand just so I can prove my masculinity by eating the food that most of the citizens there consider to be hot and spicy.

So, if anybody wants to join me for tacos and gaming tonight, come right on over. At least half of my apartment is spotless at this point (now I have to get the rest of it done, and then I have to maintain it so that it won't be a multi-day task to get it to that state again). :-)

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  1. Snaps's Avatar
    You're one of those people that have some sort of crazy tongue that doesn't feel heat aren't you :P Im jealous.

    Good on you for cleaning up! its takes a lot of motivation for anyone to do it :P

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