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I'm a newbie and excited!

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So, Tell you a little bit about my new found passion....

I'm a runner and i was searching through the internet on running clothes and searching blogs on running tips. Well, I ran into a blog where someone wears diapers when they do marathons and such. This peaked my interest.

Back in my youth, probably until 2nd grade maybe later or earlier... (to far to remember) i was wetting my bed, So my parents tried to get me help and sooner or later my problem didn't exist. I remember being happy that I was an adult now and can wear underwear to bed instead of diapers. Years down the road... maybe when I was 15... I truly missed it.... my mom had diapers in the trunk of her car for when she was babysitting my cousin. I stole a couple at a time and played around with them for a while and an end to that. Years passed and I'm now 26. I've always thought about wearing diapers again in the back of my mind but never acted on it because well... im an adult now and baby diapers wouldnt fit. So, after reading this blog on running in diapers... i learned that adult diapers exist! As an impulse buyer.... after work yesterday, I went to walmart and purchased my self a set of small depends. You'll may judge on my brand but remember its my 2nd day 4 diapers later. It's an amazing feeling.

I live with 2 other guys, I'm basically more man than them combined. Though, I wouldn't want them to find out. So, I'm a little concerned about how I now make noise and may attend to smell like pee. Any tips on this would be appreciated.

It takes a while fore me to pee in the diaper. Nearly takes a damn hour. Which I guess is understandable seeing the circumstance. Will this get easier?

I'm also learning about incontinent. Never knew there were such an issue. I guess I truly live in a small bubble and not well rounded. I feel that I want to be incontinent, but, health reason I do not. Plus, I don't want this to consume my life. I guess I just dont want to ruin my personal life. So, question... will wearing diapers 24/7 make me incontinent? I, like the idea... but the fact that others have this problem and don't want ... I appreciate for what I have. I understand the concept but if I can control the urge just like waiting to use the restroom... how would that bring incontinent? For all I'm concerned it's peeing in the bathroom but truly in my diaper.

One last thing... I bought a saucony recharge amp pro2 suit. visit and select the amp pro2 recovery suit and youll see what im talking about. This is to help recharge your body after a long run and has many healthy side effects. Anyways, it's a pain to useb when #1 calls. I drink a pot of coffee through out the day and drink a crap load of water to keep me hydrated. So, you'll see why I thought this will be a brilliant accessory!

Again, I'm a newbie... any tips or ideas... let me know! Also... I'm horrible at getting my thoughts on paper and my grammar is probably horrid. Apology in advance to you all! Please feel compelled to write back! I'm excited about my new journey.... maybe.


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    Hey there, check out the intro thread and post up an intro (there are some tips if you don't know what to say). Nothing wrong with blogs, but more likely to get answers with actually posts, and we can learn more about you :P. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.