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The life and mind of Takashi Morinosuka

Soulja Boy - Anime

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My haterid for this jackass is at a new level now that i've heard his raps on Anime, Goku and Death Note.

"grabs AK47"


"goes off and from an angry mob of Otakus"


  1. Shukkume's Avatar
    Meh, freedom of speech. If he likes anime, cool beans. You don't like it? Just... don't listen to it then.

    Not trying to be an ass or anything, I'm just laying down the basics.
  2. Damon Gant's Avatar
    so you're taking anything that halfwit bad rapper (who brandishes a coathanger in the general direction of FL Studio and pulls out whatever surface sludge he can find and somehow forms it into a song) seriously

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