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Leave it to me please...

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I've been working a lot recently. I have worked a lot of overtime because all the other employees have gone to college, and I'm the most experienced of the remaining people.
Today while I was at work, my mom decided to be nice, and take two of my checks to the bank, and deposit them into my savings account.
One of them was for about $340 USD, and the other one that was in the envelope with the first was for $421 USD. That's a lot of fucking money...

I was on the computer at 11:50, and she came in and said "Oh, I deposited your check for you." "Thanks! ....Check? (singular)" I asked. "There was only one... O.O"
She dropped an endorsed check on the floor of the bank. Coincidentally, it was the much more valuable one... Of course she denied that it made it into the envelope, and looked all over my room. She didn't let me say anything, because every time I made an audible noise, she cut me off and yelled at me for wrongly accusing her of losing it. I actually hadn't accused her of losing it. I know that's what happened though.

So, thanks a lot mom! I would appreciate it if you left me to my own business. It's my money that I worked hard for. Leave it be. Not so hard is it?
Hopefully it hasn't been commandeered by the next asshole to walk into that bank. I have to have it canceled, and get a new one.... I should move to direct deposit, shouldn't I?

Just wanted to blow off steam, and organize my thoughts somewhere by writing about them...


  1. Gingy's Avatar
    Worst part is that I was going to wear, but now I'm just completely out of the mood, and couldn't possibly regress...
  2. Grutzvalt's Avatar
    Women...Her heart was in the right place, but losing $400 of someone else's money isn't good.
  3. dcviper's Avatar
    Peachy, it is significantly more expensive for employers to set up direct deposit, than it is to simply hand them checks (they don't mail them, generally). At least, this is what I was told when I still worked for a small business. I used to bug my boss about it all the time, and he told me that I had two choices: STFU, or open an account at his bank (which was some really obscure one why out in the boondocks where he lived). Apparently, there is a per transaction charge for it.

    Me :p: look at the bright side, if she dropped it at the bank, the employees will probably find it and deposit it for you. If it fell out somewhere else, hopefully most of the check cashing places around there are reputable, and require ID. I protect myself by writing "FOR DEPOSIT ONLY CREDIT UNION NAME" when I endorse my checks, that way my credit union will deny the transaction if someone tries to cash a check made out to me. Although, the safest thing to do is to take them to the bank as soon as you get them, and endorse them right before you put them into the envelope.
  4. Coyote_Howl's Avatar
    Basically what Viper said, a blank endorsement is the worst thing as anyone can take it and cash it, Best is to endorse it so it can only go into a certain account etc. (i forget the different kinds of endorsements). Direct deposit is about 10000x better, but some places won't do it :/
  5. Gingy's Avatar
    The bank found it and deposited it for me.
    Phew! I don't mind how much my employer spends on paying people. I work at a giant country club. The people there have such tight asses, and they just burn money... Damn. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.