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My brain hurts.

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  1. mizzycub's Avatar
    My brain is to tired to actually hurt

    Didn't really understand it though
  2. blarg's Avatar
    I get it. It makes sense, i think you don't get the fact that there can't be a "fourth" perspective in the visual plane (meaning sight) so what you have to remember is the fact that because we can't see past this we have to imagine another plane of "sense" etc. So we would go off of with "time" and then the seventh deminsion would run out of dimensions for the plane of "time" so we would go to possibilities in the 8th dimension. So basically every 3 dimensions you have to swap "planes" of visualization. So, sight -> time -> universe (multiverses)
  3. Neonite's Avatar
    I sorta get it, it's just that it still makes my brain hurt. XD

    It's arranged that way so that it's easier to comprehend. So that time makes space like a point, as in a line between points of states of space.

    Then the seventh dimension makes one of its points a universe and all possible seperate choice universes in that universe. Right?

    The tenth dimension should follow this, but we can't comprehend anything more than all possible choices in all possible universes in any possible existences.

    I just noticed something. Mabye the fact that we can't comprehend anything more in the tenth dimension is the fact that we can't directly percieve anything more then three dimensions, limiting our possible comprehension to three "sets" of dimensions.

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