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So I just figured I may as well use this blog setting for some ABDL-related rants. These aren't supposed to be private rants, but more questions for anyone to respond to without me having to worry about it having been done already in a board post or chat.

So, as a female ABDL, I've found the category to be filed with three types: the teens just looking around at all the kinks, the porn stars that men love to subscribe to accounts for and stare as they get their diaper changed, and the real ones. The ones that just like the guys find diapers satisfying for regression and sometimes even sexual play. I am of the last like most others on this board, and that comes with its own challenges, doesn't it?

The number one starter-AB challenge: buying supplies.

Sometimes, I've found it must seem a lot easier as a female. Despite being only 15 my first few visits, I would go to the drugstore and pickup a few bottles, pacis, and diapers and they would ask me how old my child is. A boy of that same age might get some weird looks or a few sighs with a muttered "teenagers these days". But even now, four years into indulging this... almost obsession, I've found I get little questions about why a college student is enjoying shopping in the little kids section and even trying on a shirt or two. Though, as I say this I must admit I've still run into a few stares. I could take example from last week.

Target, a gold mine of anything one needs to make it through the week, sells warm, fuzzy footed sleepers that every Fall I find myself scouring through the racks trying to find an XL. I'm only 5'2 1/2" and a little weighty, but they tend to be the cheapest and most easily accessible child-wear I can find. Anyways, so after searching the racks and finding my favorite for the season (rocket ships and planets by the way), I go up to the cashiers. Now, this may be the time to say that I go at the –busiest- time of the day. I find that then is when cashiers could be ringing up anything and not even notice. While I may get a look from the other shoppers, I can usually avoid any commentary on my diaper purchases. But as I went up to the register, the person before me finds out she was slighted a penny and decides that this is the perfect time to throw a hissy fit. Personally, I just want to stick a paci in their mouths to shut them up after listening to it for more than fifteen minutes. So after the cashier is forced to leave the register and find someone to get her some more pennies, the woman starts to note what I have on the conveyor belt. My new sleeper is only slightly hidden by a few t-shirts. Her eyes float between the sleeper and me before bugging out.

Reactions like this, I'm not sure how to take. Part of me just wants to grin and nod, as to say, yes I do enjoy wearing this around my house with my pacifier and stuffed animals in close range. Another, the more realistic half, must wonder what it seems like to an outsider. Is it right to hope that one day people can 1) mind their own business and 2) not think 'pervert' the moment they see us buying things that make us happy? I'm just not sure anymore.

Well, this little post went all over the place, didn't it? I'd bother editing, but I think I'll just leave it out for all to see.


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    I did that with a diaper pack at the grocery store. The bagger was like "Man, this bag is just huge for diapers!" and I just smiled and replied "Try fitting it in your dresser drawers. I'm just glad I go through at least 3 a day." His face just blanched. It was the ultimate experience. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.