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I don't believe this.

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I organised a party for my 19th tonight. It was difficult to get anyone to come but after lots of hard work I managed to convince about 4 people. So yesterday I went to the supermarket and bought alcohol, party food, a birthday cake etc.

And I wake up this morning to messages on Facebook from people bailing out, leaving me alone with 30 worth of food and drink gone to waste.

Happy birthday to me.


  1. dcviper's Avatar
    Ouch. man, that's painful. I hate it when that happens, I've been burned a couple of times like that :/ Happy Birthday.
  2. h3g3l's Avatar
    30 quid worth of food and drink with no one else coming is NOT wasted food and drink--it's Mega-Party!
  3. Chillhouse's Avatar
    I'll eat it.
  4. h3g3l's Avatar
    Chillhouse: That's what she said.
  5. Point's Avatar
    Sucks, man. This has happened to me, too! I find the parties that work the best are the ones where you plan them a few days (or a week or 2) in advance. But oh well. Eat all the good food yourself, nobody's invited!
  6. Coyote_Howl's Avatar
    that sucks :/, thankfully never try to plan anythng xD. But that much food and drink isn't a waste, it is a surplus
  7. Takashi's Avatar
    That's horrable! Happy Birthday!
  8. Snaps's Avatar
    Dude, that sucks

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