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Back after short vacation

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Well I thought that since I have not made any blogs I would start my first one as why I have not been around adisc for the past 3 days and hardly much at all the past week or so.

I did not go exactly on a vacation as the title says, I just been really really busy and stressed. So I have not felt like I really had the time or even deserved to get online or even to wear recently. Just between finishing up the semester with my term papers and studying for finals, dealing with a problem I am having with at work, and dealing with medical problems it has just really been dragging me down.

So tonight for the first time in probably almost a week I am going to sleep diapered. I figure I might as well since I still have 4 and a half more pages to write for a term paper tommorow, that is due monday! Plus prepare for two finals on the same day the paper is due! :wallbash: Oh well people tell me it will all be worth it some day... :rollseyes:

So I still may not be on very much for the fisrt half of this week, until I get the semester completly finished. I will keep everyone updated and I hope everyone else is doing well!

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