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A Wound For A Mouth

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When all is not well in the land of dreams,

all is everything but as it seems.

Your mind drifts of from here to there.

There's negativity flowing everywhere.

When all is well, but something's not right.

You lose track of day and night.

You wander off as far as you can go

and where you are, no one will know.

Disappear far from the living,

just because you're not worth forgiving.

Your last and only joy

is something new for them to destroy.

Run far from here, and don't come back.

A proper brain is what you lack.

So cry out your eyes, and pull out your hair.

Start to fret and to despair.

You walk alone on this night.

You've not won the battle; you've lost your fight.

You try to scream, but you don't even dare.

No one even gives a care.

So take your position in the game of life.

Careful not to dull the knife.

In and out through the flesh.

Cutting your skin as if it were mesh.

A bloody bride of insanity.

Bring yourself to reality.

When you've gone and lost your way

just wait until the light of day.

Into the clearing; out to the spring.

Don't forget your most favorite thing.

Come back now, and do it fast.

You're doing everything to make it last.

Break through this episode of hell.

Come with us; we'll treat you well.

Just when you thought there was something to find,

you've really only lost your mind.

Anger is unfair and unjust.

Just come back to us and do as you must.

You no longer have to run away.

Just come back with us to stay.

I love you darling; you know it's true.

I just no longer wish to hurt you.

So here I am, on this day...

Fading far into the gray.

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