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I'm back from the....none dl/ab world

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Wow, my first blog here. Anyways, back to business:
As some have mighty notice (or most likely no) I have been away for some time now. Why? Because I suddenly lost interest for diapers.
Yeah. Just like that. Suddenly, I was busy doing other things, even thou I really didn't anything thing to do other than draw and play games.
So now I'm back again, and feel kinda...bad. Now, I have the diaper urges, and can't wait for the weekend nights so I can wear my home made diaper (yes, I still haven't tried the real ones). The reason I feel bad is because I feel like taking a step back instead of going forward and I feel that this whole diaper thing is getting inn my way.

So, yeah, other than that, I'm fine and happy as a happy guy. For those you were sending messages to me and didn't get a replay; Sorry!

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