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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

No hope left.

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I am officially finished. I am in a spot where there is no way to go but down. And there is no way I can possibly climb back up.

I am officially finished.


  1. h3g3l's Avatar
    I think it would be witty, fitting, and just to return your comment from earlier:

    "Dude, you waaaaay underestimate yourself."

    I'm not certain where your blog post is going or what domain(s) it covers (I've a good idea, though), but a few things stand out: (a) there is always hope. Pandora teaches us this. (b) We are inherently corrupt and, Western religion would say, fallen. (c) down is easy, up is hard, neutral is nigh impossible. A little bit of up and down is expected (again, allowing for items as domain and severity), but it is the mark of a wise person to forgive.

    Which brings me to an observation that has been working around the edges here ... in all this work on external growth, rebirth, and forgiveness, I have to wonder: have you forgiven yourself in all this?

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