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... Whoooooaaaa!!

I've been watching a documentary about these Amish kids who came over to the UK to experience the World... Man, it's a different life!

Although I knew a little of their community, I've learnt a hell of a lot more, and I'm left with mixed emotions!

I mean... I admire their ability to live such a clean life, and there is no doubt they have some very enlightened principles; some that we ourselves could learn from.

But on the other hand... Is it really practical to abide by the Bibles word so strictly in today's society? I know they pretty much have their own society, and they seem to get along just fine, admittedly... I just... I dunno... It kinda sticks in my craw that it's so OK to remain, effectively, in the Dark Ages.

Women all over the world fought for women's right - the suffragettes endured ignorance, violence and prejudice but persevered. Yet the Amish see fit to follow the letter of the Lord and insist that men work on the land and the women stay at home, cooking and child-rearing.

As much as I respect people's differences, this angers me.

Don't get me wrong, though... I'm not bashing religion or anything even close. I just think it's a shame, and it's unfair, not to mention impractical in this modern, ever-changing society.

Dan x


  1. Alphacore's Avatar
    Interesting, but I wonder how long they can really last as the human population expands from the cities and suburbs. Running out of space would put a kink in their practices.
  2. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    Well I'm sure they would look to God to provide. But America is still pretty empty, surely! I don't think they need to worry any time soon!

    Dan x
  3. yummyxmummy's Avatar
    I too watched one of these programmes. Where the Amish kids went to stay with a family quite into music and art. It broke my heart when one of the lovely Amish girls said that she had never danced or been allowed to grow flowers. Surely, if they believe in God so much, didn't he make these things and want us to enjoy them? Why not send some of our teens over there to live with them for a week ? Wouild make interesting viewing if not a few fire works.
  4. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    Not a bad idea! What a culture shock it would be for some of our kids; so used to their ciggies, booze and anti-social behaviour... The Amish are a world away!!

    I also agree that it is kinda sad to learn that they're not allowed to enjoy so many things... They claim so many things can only exist if they "praise God" etc... Yet look at the way He has them living! In utter and unquestioning subservience to the men!

    An interesting discussion, certainly... I will watch eagerly as time goes on to see if, or how, this group will survive.

    Dan x
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