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Well to continue my babyday...

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I woke up, drove my fiancee to the train station. Then proceeded to go and chill out in my room on adisc or whatever. Decided to watch some TV and cuddle with Eeku(plushie) then I got sleepy and took a nap. I was sucking on my thumb tought the nap so i was really really happy. I was in just a diaper+t shirt sucking my thumb. Felt amazing! I woke up an hour later thumb still in mouth relaxed and played around until my friend came over. I made a mad dash to clean up. To my surprised the Diaper (teddy bambino) could have probably held another 3 hours or so... Things are amazing! So yeah was interesting day... Just wish People I know would know. ya know? I could have stayed in the diaper longer if my friend either knew or didn't come by....

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