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Cloth diapers take 2

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Finally got the sewing machine up and running properly, so I used the remaining materials from my last diaper to make a second one. This time, I made sure to remedy all of the problems I encountered in the last one. Here's what I learned:

1) Instead of tying off loose threads, like I did last time, I threaded them onto a needle and pulled them inside the diaper. This keeps them from unraveling and also remedies the aesthetic problem of having a bunch of awkward knots and thread bit sticking out of the piece.
2) Fleece doesn''t fray, but flannel does. I hadn't really considered this with my first diaper, but this time I found a solution. Now if I had a serger, this wouldn't be a problem. But since I don't, I let a margin of 1/2'' all around the flannel section, folded it over to the inside of the piece, and stitched the fleece topsheet onto it. This left a clean edge all around.
3) There were also some issues about the center panels getting bunched up when worn. This was remedied in two ways. First, all the fabric used in the center panel was sewn together first. Then, the panel was sewn at the top and bottom to the back and top sheets. Two smaller rows of stitches were added along the sides just to keep things orderly.

The second diaper is bigger and thicker than the first, and feels a lot sturdier. I'm quite happy with it, but I would be even happier if I could have sewn a layer of vinyl under the backsheet. But I'll have to learn how to work with vinyl first, and I'll have to learn to how to do it pretty darn well or else I'll risk having a leaky (read: useless) cloth diaper :\ Until then, it's plastic pants for me, which isn't all that bad.

I'll get some pictures up comparing the two later today.

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