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Bambinos came in and I had an awesome baby day.

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Alright well I got the bambinos today. put them on and wore them for a while. From about 1PM till about 6. Then had to get out of it to "live". For the first two hours it was just me chilling out watching TV and what not. Then for the second portion I picked up my fiancee and cuddle with her in bed and she saw I had a diaper on and babied me for a loong while. She spoon fed me yogurt and babied me non stop for several hours. I was in pure and utter bliss! Some where in there She decided to go to the living room, I put some pants over my diaper and join her. Putting my head on her lap.... next thing I know I'm knocked out.... She then started plucking my eye brows... I woke up cranky thanks to that! I was like >_> WAAAH! I tried to make her stop then I just ran into my bed room. Eventually I went back to bed on my bed.

She came in and woke me up when dinner was nearing it's completion. (my mom was cooking) anyway After that I um..... get babied a bit but then get big. I take off my diaper and store it away and what not. (it was dry) So after that... I played DR and ate food I was a bit cranky.... I don't really know why I'm always cranky when I wake up from naps. >_> XP Maybe it was discovering the bambino all ruined? anyway before playing DDR my friends came by and we watch an episode of the boondocks (Uncle Rucku's story) Awesome episdoe XD then some DDR.... Um..... Then they left and I took a shower. Got my diaper on again (with extra tape) took my fiancee to her apartment and we had some fun... *grins* Afterwards I was being babied again for a long while and then I'm on my PC playing Left 4 Dead.... so there we go. Overall it was an amazing day.

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