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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...

Uh Oh... I Think God Knows...

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... Strangest thing happened today, but it's really only strange because it's today, of all days, that it happened.

After much talk and excitement with my boyfriend last night regarding this new chapter in my life, and a great deal of time spent perusing this incredible (and incredibly helpful) site, I went to bed feeling more confident and reassured in my feelings than I had ever been able to before.

Fast forward a few hours to me eating my dinner with my parents at their place, and failing to successfully navigate a steak pie. I dropped one third of it, another third went down my front, the rest stayed on my fork and made it into my mouth, but not without leaving a nice gravy mess all over my face. I sodding hate pies, solely for this reason.

And then... From my Mother... The immortal line:

"Eeee, look at you! You're like a bloody kid! Need a bib and everything! If I'd known you were going to make such bloody hard work of it, I'd have cut it up for you first!"

I cried with laughter, I tell you. Firstly because she WAS being funny, but largely because I couldn't fail to think "Oh, if only she knew!"...

So... If I were the philosophical or religious type, I might be inclined to believe that the Old Man Up There knows all about my little "extra-curricular activity", and that this encounter was a gift from him, telling me it's ok.

Sadly, I'm NOT that type, so I must, instead, continue in the knowledge that what we feel is not socially-acceptable and that because I am going to Hell on so many different fronts, I still have the whole front row booked in my name.

Dan x


  1. Alphacore's Avatar
    Hell isn't that bad, it's just a dry heat
  2. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    Heat I can take. Same for the flames and whatnot.
    Doing without a diaper, I cannot!

    Dan x
  3. Alphacore's Avatar
    perhaps you'll get the: "get what you love so much you get sick of it treatment", I do believe I could handle that for a few lifetimes
  4. Loopygone's Avatar
    I love it when these situations come up in real life. Happened to me on many occasions. I am clumsy through :X.
  5. DanDanSuperman's Avatar

    Well I look forward to many more! There is quite a buzz in knowing something the other person doesn't and feeling naughty!

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