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caught but happy about it

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ive been caught somewhat multiple times this way.....i hide my diapers and pull ups in my closet behind a moon chair and under some blankets..i also put my wet ones in their as well untill i can get them into the trash outside...well i have come home probably 6 times now in the past 8 months and my wet diapers were gone while my new ones stacked neatly and hidden more with either another bag over them or mom has been doing this but has not confrunted me about i am slightly still a bed wetter(have been my whole life but not any more) maby onece every 5 weeks but she has seen my pampers 7s and girls goodnites and pull ups4t my suprise, one month ago, i came home and found a new pack of boys goodnites in my closet...i know i didnt buy them...THANKS MOM!!!!Now i dont think she knows what ab/dl stuff is but i think she knows i just like to wear as a release from real life/stress releaf ...


  1. h3g3l's Avatar
    She's biding her time.

    She likely thinks you'll grow out of it. In the interim, she'll likely talk with some counselors, etc., and maybe arrange an appointment for you to go in a few weeks.

    This won't be because she's down on you; it'll be because she does not understand and wants to help. There is no social script for this sort of thing.

    These are my guesses, anyway. Good luck.
  2. dtalk's Avatar
    belive me she doesnt believe in shrinks or counselors.
  3. Dailydi's Avatar
    Likely she saw the girl's pants and assumed you were buying whatever you could manage to get, so she bought what you really needed.
  4. dtalk's Avatar
    i also had prevail briefs 2 baminos attends samples and some random other misc. adult diapers/pullups
  5. boch121's Avatar
    Well now you know if she does confront you it'll most likely not be negative. Might just wanna drop a thanks at a random dinner for the gn's.
  6. dtalk's Avatar
    thats a good idea ill probably either tell her in privat or write her a note - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.