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Hey, it's Blarg posting his first blog entry...
Well i decided that since there's this feature on this sight i might as well use it. From time to time from now on i will post blog entries showing cool things.

Cool websites to check out...
- A place to all your technical questions
And as an added bonus it has daily cool news articles on the main page
-This website is a writer's website for all those of you like me who wish to simply write, write, write! And all of their critics are top-notch too! ^.^ <- not a porn site, just a lot of naughty advertisements, ignore them if possible.

Books that i would recommend for all of you book readers out there! (I pretty much stick to series...)
Forgotten Realms:
War of the Spider Queen
Icewindale tales (3-6 of drizzt stories)
Homeland, Exile, sojourn (1-3 drizzt stories)
Lady Pentinent series

Artemis fowl series

Alex Rider Series

Redwall series

Movies that i recommend:

Is a gangster movie, a good one at that
Mr. Magoo-
A GREAT comedy
Minority Report-
Decent movie, but fun to watch.
Decent movie yet again, shown to me by Link.

Why does Hillary Clinton lie so much? My point being when she described her landings in Bosnia... Why would she keep lying even though she knew she was being investigated?

What's up with all of the "Pastor" issues for candidates?

Why do people even want to stay in Iraq? Point being, i'm an independent. I am not Republican nor Democratic. So i can look at this without bias. I don't understand why the U.S. wishes to stay in a war that it's OBVIOUS it cannot win. It claims to be in a war against terror yet how can one beat terrorism if it's a belief? I mean isn't it America that teaches/teached the world that beliefs cannot be crushed etc?

If a Draft was to be instituted in America, and you were called to arms, would you go to the army?

What should be done regarding the remaining soviet "legacies" such as North Korea and Vietnam, both are communistic, but going past their beliefs and going to the more problematic of the two, North Korea, why does the world tolerate such nuisances. If you allow these small countries to build up their nuclear arms then the world will have even more nuclear weapons to worry about in the future and have to follow appeasement or some crazy asian will blow up the world, or at least a fair portion of it.

Should the world cease all nuclear-material trading? Even the ones said to be meant for nuclear reactors for power plants? After all this does help in the development of Atomic bombs.

Do you think the U.S. will fall apart within 50 years? (By fall apart i mean that it will be barely a ghost of an image of its former self, anarchy and all the good things :P) *Remember all the other massive Empires that have stood have fallen, Persia, Byzantine, Roman, Greek, Alexander's (Macedonia), the 3 German Empires, Soviet Union, Japan, British Empire, etc.

And before i leave off i'll put a note out on how i feel myself at current times. Lately i've been feeling tinges of depression due to numerous reasons... I've been attempting to go through many projects ranging from creating a board game, to writing 2 or 3 stories, to creating a video game, so i've been semi- "busy" but for a guy like me, time is of no concern, generally, since i got so much of it- partially 'cause i gain time through my lack of sleep :/ . School is depressing as always, and summer is coming up but alas it shall only be as sweet and last as long as a hershey's chocolate piece does in the mouth of a 6 year old.

Well that's it for now guys! Discuss and comment if you enjoyed something in my post!


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