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You'll Never Know Where Life Takes You...

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Well, I'm not sure what to say here. I have a lot of things. But really, I don't know.

I guess I'd like to say I'm weird. I know I'm weird. We're all weird, right?

I'm a frequent writer, I write scores of stuff. But when it comes to who "I" am, it just..seems like a drop in the bucket, compared to who I was, can be, will be, all that stuff.

Anyway, rather than doing another "Intro" thread, I figured I'd leave this here.

I'm TeeDee, 26, male, Daddy-DL. I'm a daddy for my baby girl, who is quite older than me, but we met online through loving how each other wrote. E-mails turned into IMs, IMs turned into phone calls, and then this turned into a plane ride for my bg to come out and see sunny california. She didn't want to leave, so last year, I helped her and her two children pack and move out west.

Now we live by the beach, and my opportunities in life could not have been better.

When I first met my girl she was more into domination. Not in a strict BDSM sorta way, but she works as a nurse and after giving and giving all her energy to doctors and patients all day she likes to come home and be daddy's baby girl.

When I'm not writing, researching, connecting, and repairing, I'm usually doing chores around the house or doting over my baby girl.

She's an AB, quite positively, and loves to be taken care of. And I love to take care of her. Not sure if I could ever do this with someone else, though.

When I was younger I would have described myself TB, but over the years I've grown more comfortable with diapers and a little weird about the baby stuff. So, I guess getting all this stuff for my girl has allowed me to re-open that side of myself vicariously.

As far as diapers go, I've wet the bed on/off all my life, and I've had some back problems which have severely diminished my bladder over time. I'm also DL. So, yes, I wear 24/7, for fun and need. But I wouldn't recommend the 24/7 thing to anyone long term unless you legitimately needed; it's one of those double edged swords.

I realize a lot of people have worn 24/7 and have become inco in all kinds of degrees due to it--and really, I can't say this isn't part of my problem, either. But I've a lovely wife, a beautiful home, and a great life.

So overall, I can't complain.


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