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Zabbi's UBER Awesome Intro Thread

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[QUOTE=Zabbi;428523]Hello Everybody,

Hi everyone, I'm Zabbi - it's my call name on many interwebz forums and online gaming communities. I have been around other *BDL communities, none that I should probably mention, nor was it around a time in my life when I wanted to be serious about anything so never got too involved with any. I currently am twenty-three years old - going on five but I try to act mature for my age... my lower one that is! Tehehe

I grew up in a large family with four siblings and many step-siblings, at one point of which there was 9 of us kids in the house! My mother , whom I lived with as my parents were divorced, was kinda a pioneer of sorts. As a spiritual minister of an organization known as UCSL (United Centers for Spiritual Living) she has founded two churches and moved across the country a lot. Living from B.C. to Ontario and many places in between.
I now live on the west coast of Canada in the majestic province of British Columbia in a small-ish desert town [yes, Canada hes semi-desert] in the interior.... For now at least, I could be going to Africa soon!

I am an Avid Fire Artist, and enjoy all aspects of fire and object manipulation. This is probably my biggest drive and passion in life! I have a few piccys that you can see [URL=""]HERE[/URL] of me doing my thang - the slow captures are coolest as that is a little more exaggerated effect of what the human eye sees. I also enjoy dancing and listening to LIVE music at the multitude of venues where I can go locally. I also enjoy crafting/art, writing, and generally being in nature... can't forget teh playing of teh video gamez (that one seems a little out of place after that last one) and a bunch of other 'NOT ON FIRE' - ugh... cliche things. Hehe

Oh, and the part you've all been waiting for through all this non-*BDL garbage.... "Sheesh way to punish and turn away all the pervs you big meanie nubcake you!" ... "Shut-it alter-ego!" - Eh-hem, anyways...

I have always been interested in diapers for as long as I can remember. As a kid I had the bed almost every night, and was never put into any sort of diaper (as much as I would have liked) just got to sleep on a water bed for a long time.... No pun intended, it was really one of those water mattress beds, you know the plastic sea-like ones.
I can remember one fateful night over at my cousins place when I was sleeping over, I actually managed to wake up in the morning dry but the bathroom was occupied so I crawled back in bed to wait... well apparently my bladder couldn't and I let loose. Needless to say my aunt found out about it and was LIVID, they have nice things and - I RUINED the mattress, I should be in diapers.... (boy that was scary *shudder* I remember it like yesterday!) Though thinking back it may have been what got me first considering wearing a diaper.

I can't use up all of my good stories on my intro thread, gotta save some for blogging... After my First Experience with Diapers (added tomorrow or today if I have time as a blog) I began to steal (I know I was a bad boy, none of you kids take my lead) and later buy my own diapers and have been wearing them ever since.

Although I wet the bed as well as the occasionally urge that is 'just too strong' if I try to hold it too long. I do consider myself a DL mostly though, it holds a very sexual aspect in my mind, for which I am not entirely sure the reason. Hence part of the reason why I have recently been exploring other aspects of this lifestyle and signed have now up here. So, I think that is going to be all that I say for now.

I look forward to get to know all, well OK MOST of you and being a part of the community. (I was told you guys' don't bite, unless viper lied!)



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    You REALLY don't need to make a blog just to show you made an intro.

    Not a lot of people read the blogs, and the ones that do normally read the intros. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.