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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

I'm very sick!

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Turns out I have a nasty infection in my lungs. I am on antibiotics now, and I am just trying to do my best to get it out of my system......

On another note, I did break my sobriety a couple of nights ago. Looks like today is my first day of sober living all over again. What happened? I guess I got sick and tired of having to sit around my apartment all the time while I recover from this, so I decided to drink the last of the liquor that was in here - which was liquor that I did not even enjoy drinking. Stupid reason, I know.

I spent most of today cleaning up my HDs, I think I am going to try to experiment with Linux later tonight, seeing as Windows is proving to be an increasingly unreliable operating system. Of course, my system might run better if it had more than a single GB of RAM, but I'll fix that next week.

So, wish me luck with the Linux tonight. Hopefully, it will work out alright. Well, the worst thing that could happen is I'd have to reinstall Windows XP all over again. Heh.


  1. acorn's Avatar
    Remember a relapse is a fall not failure, climb back up on the horse again.
    Linux hates me.
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