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Faking "medical reasons"

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So one thing I've always held in the back of my mind if someone "random" catches me is to plead "medical reasons". Like if I travel in an airport and I'm searched. I've been told by many that using the phrase "medical reasons" is like a green card - strangers feel the need to stop prying, officials don't want to violate any privacy laws. The problem is... I don't have what I feel is a "medical reason", so am I lying? Even so, what amount of disrespect am I showing those who really *do* have medical reasons?

My therapist once told me that if I wanted to think of it as a medical reason, it sort of is. I panic and stress a lot, and diapers help me relax and release all that. In a way, they're my alternative to taking a drug to do the same thing. This feels like a cop-out to me though, something manufactured to make myself feel better and to not have to deal with the truth: I wear diapers out of no real need, but out of want and desire.

As I said before, the other half of my issue is the guilt I feel for using the excuse. There are folks who have no choice, they actually have a medical reason to wear a diaper. Am I being disrespectful to those folks? Am I making a joke or mockery out of a serious and real situation that they must endure every day? What kind of person am I for that?

The other catch for using this phrase is... what if family or friends find out? How do you explain "medical reasons" with people who likely know everything about you? Then you're just digging yourself a deeper hole, lie after lie burying you further down. Now you're living the lie you created. I don't make a habit of lying because I've been there... and I won't ever go there again.

Anyway, thoughts?


  1. Snaps's Avatar

    for me using the "medical reasons" excuse would be hard, but if i was by myself, without family, i'm guessing i could use it...

    for you they have a psychological impact on you, so thats medical i guess?

    Yeah, good blog post!

  2. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    Yeah, that's actually sort of how I coaxed my mom into letting me get baby stuffs and diapers, to be honest. She used the guilt trip, saying that "You don't need them for medical reasons!" To which I replied; yeah I do! Whenever I'm acting all babyish and stuffs I feel way better, and I don't feel depressed anymore!"

    I have pretty bad clinical depression, and Bi-polar disorder, so by all technicality, it IS a medical excuse.

    :P I'm just awesome like that xD
  3. avery's Avatar
    chances are you wouldn't ever have to use the excuse; if anyone ever noticed that you were wearing diapers they'd probably just assume it was for medical reasons and wouldn't ask you anything about it. the only exception to that, as you mentioned, could be your family. if my family ever caught me i'd just tell them it was none of their business and i wasn't interested in discussing it with them, and i think chances are good they'd assume it was for medical reasons, too.

    i think your therapist is right that you do have a legitimate need for diapers, just as an incontinent person does. i tell myself the same thing, even though i don't have any problems with depression or anxiety. diapers are a fetish for me, and there's no way i could give them up without completely repressing my sexuality. no one would ever wear diapers who didn't have a damn good reason for doing so, and we're no exception. the only difference in our case is that we're lucky enough to be able to choose where and when and, to a certain extent, how often we wear them.
  4. Fruitkitty's Avatar
    Bah. You're not wrong to feel that the excuse is disingenuous...but, call me Machiavellian, I don't think that matters.

    Using the "medical reasons" excuse is the epitome of a white lie. The untruth doesn't harm anybody in any remotely significant way, and it makes life easier for both the liar and the lied-to. The people who need diapers for "legitimate" medical reasons aren't in any way harmed by your lie, and presumably you aren't lying to someone who is likely to cause word to get back to friends and family (we are, after all, talking about "someone random" catching you).

    Lying to people you care about, or spend a lot of time with, or who you have any responsibility of trust towards is stupid. Lying to random people you're unlikely to ever see again is acceptable if a trivial lie makes both your lives easier.
  5. TeeDee's Avatar
    I have to agree with a lot of people here. "Medical Reasons," is pretty much the best white lie to tell in situations such as this. But, also, if diapers and being little keep you calm, cool, collected..well then, perhaps you're right--it is medical after all.
  6. Keenan's Avatar
    Thank you all for the great replies

    I suppose part of my problem is that I still don't fully accept my desire to wear diapers. I'm not a recluse about it... I wear in public often. I flew 12 times last year, and every time I was in a diaper. I even wore diapers at the hotel rooms. Obviously I don't have much of a fear of being noticed by strangers. My biggest stress is my family, and what they will think about it all. The thing is... my family lives no where near me.
  7. TeeDee's Avatar
    It is a hard thing to learn to matter if you're inco/ab/dl/tb/etc. Diapers are a touchy subject with everyone, and it sucks. But I've learned to love myself, and I love diapers, and even when 24/7 gets to be more of a "chore" than diaper fun, it's still great overall. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.