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Pacifier Redesign!

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As many people know, by AB item of choice is a Pacifier. They're comforting, nice to use, babyish... all the good things about being an AB in one little piece of plastic and rubber. I mean, nothing compares to being wrapped up in your bedsheets on a cold morning, snuggling with your favorite teddy and sucking on a pacifier. It just makes every AB activity better.

Now, I've tried quite a few pacifiers, but there is one brand to me that I think is perfect, and I've been using ever since I was 14, mainly because it's one of the only pacifiers I've been able to find that has a round nipple, instead of a flat, orthodontic one. (I can't stand ortho paci's.)

Anyway, a few days ago I ended up walking through the baby aisle of the supermarket, and I noticed something. The paci's I've been using have been redesigned. "Oh man, what have they done?". I ended up buying it and taking it home to try and see how it stacked up to the older paci's I've been using.

Well, first of all, the shield has been totally redesigned, and it's really weird. The handle has been made thinner, the shield has been made a little bit thinner, and the air holes on the shield have been lenthened for some bizzare reason. It looks and feels totally weird and foreign.

But holy crap, I was totally stoked when I noticed that they actually made the nipple bigger!! It's about time! I've often wanted my old paci's to have a slightly bigger nipple, and I can't explain how happy I was that my favorite paci's have finally been up-sized. You'd be surprised how a simple thing as a slightly bigger nipple can make such a huge difference in how it feels in your mouth.

Unfortunately though, I honestly can't stand how the new shield looks. I'm probably gonna end up taking the paci apart and place the bigger nipple on my old paci's. I'm that 1337 (Read: Pathetic) that I can disassemble my paci's to mix and match stuff. Why have a pacifier in one colour when you can give it a blue shield and a white handle?

I'll post comparison pics in a few days when I'll be home alone and can steal the camera.

So, err.. yay for unexpected AB surprises!

Humphrey Sez: I findeded a new theory as well! The bigger the paci, the bigger and betterer the hugs! I needs to go researching! *Puts on glasses and waddles off*

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  1. Point's Avatar
    j00 iz h4xx!1

    What brand is it? I hope they don't change the shape here in the US before I can get one
  2. Kraiden's Avatar
    "Happy Baby", A brand exclusively to Australia and not available in the U.S. :-D

    That's the old ones, and IMO they're the best paci's around. I don't have a picture of the redesigned version, but I'll post a pic up in the gallery when I get a chance.
  3. Vladimir's Avatar
    ...Why am I reading a random journal about bigger pacifier nipples when I could do something constructive? D:
  4. Kraiden's Avatar
    .... are you saying that blog entry was a waste of time?

    *Cries loudly*

    You're just jealous.
  5. Vladimir's Avatar
    Actually, maybe you're right. :P
  6. Kraiden's Avatar
    Damn right, I'm right. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.