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First blog

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Well this is my first blog, and for some reason i was bored, so I am posting a blog, if the blog is too long, well sorry, if it is too short, reread it a few times...
Random thoughts time.
Looking back when growing up, the thing I remember the most is my sister punching me in the face. I am not kidding, she and I would just step off the bus and just fight. Without warning, in school she would walk by me and punch me in the face, pound my face into a locker. We were just ticking time bombs, but... if someone else was pounding on me, she would beat them up, before beating me up. Now if She and I get into a fight now days, it gets intersting, and last person that tried to break up our fight, got sent to the hospital. I love my sister, but I want to kill her... Strange isn't it?

But anyway, my family are a strange set, no one seems to know how we survived this long. There is no logic behind it. My mom was slightly (not by much) smarter then my dad. My dad spread his seed around to the point that I have 13+ siblings. (both mom and dad side.) I mean he should have kept it in his pants, but does he listen... NOPE... my mom on the other hand stopped after 4, saying "I am not doing that again" and she made sure. Now even thinking my parents have a sex life just makes me shutter. Trying to picture it gives me nightmares, and my mind is too messed up as it sits. Then you have the mental illness aspect of it. But I won't get into that right now.
In a few of my posts I will be posting poems I like from favorate writers.

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