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My first blog here. Some photos too, even.

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So, I noticed this blog thingy here, so I thought I could write here whatever I please That's what the blogs are all about, I guess. I basically "joined" this site today, even though it says I joined on March 2010. I just happened to create the account that day for who-knows-why and left. The other site called DS is down for some reason now, so I thought of having some fun here for time being.

Today my day was as usual: woke up at 9am, made some breakfast, checked out my emails and so on. After that I quickly went outside bike, because I knew it was going to rain sooner or later. I biked a little, and sky was turning black. I knew it was going to rain in few minutes, so I quickly biked back home. Crap, I only managed to bike 14 kilometres .

Now I'm thinking of what should I do. Ok, I visited grocery store just half an hour ago, and bought 6 drinks (they are only 4,7% and 0,33L each..), but I haven't yet decide if I should drink them now, or save them for later and instead go bike again after rain. Up to you.

I don't think I have much else to say this time. Not much of an adventure today. Hope to hear from you guys!


  1. SnoozyCat's Avatar
    Biking sure is fun. It's too bad that the rain got in the way. You must be a biker pro if 14 km is a disappointment for you. I don't really measure how far I bike but I love to just get out there and take off too. I haven't had a well working bike in a long while but when I did I used to make a day out of just going off in one direction. Drinking to the rain might be a little relaxing. Sometimes a little adventure in the rain can be fun too. Congradulations on joining this site.
  2. rpger's Avatar
    Thanks for your comments.. 14 kilometres are not that much, since I already bike to work, and that's 32 kilometres a day. On weekend, if I get motivated, I might bike 60-100km in a day - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.