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Yay fun time!

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Not really, I'm sitting here with a tummy ache. I feel barfy because I drank coffee thinking I would go to work. Unfortunately, car problems. So now I'm jittery and tummy achey. Yay less money.

My Shell (girlfriend and mommy) is at work now so I can't cry all over her. LOL.

I wish I had a little pet so I wouldn't feel so lonely. We have fish and snails though and I like watching them grow or have snail sex. I wonder if we'll get a bird.

I've been feeling weird these past few days. I've been such a worry wart crying myself to sleep. I've been feeling clingy and I feel guilty about that. I hope it passes because I'm usually not like this. I do have a history of depression and I battle it every day, but I can handle myself now. I stopped anti depressants for two reasons:

1. Can't afford it.

2. Lost libido.

3. Possible weight gain, which is actually something very bad for me health-wise.

I live with my mommy now so I'm much better than I was before. Not everyone should drop their medication, of course. You have to see what works best for your situation. Yeah, I have to make a disclaimer. See your doctor and all that fun, but I am OK now. I even stopped self-harming. A lot of it was situational.

I think I am over the emotional drama of the past few days though. So, yeah, life is a battle and all that good stuff. I relax by taking a bath or sitting around in a polka-dotted nightie with a pullup on, like I am now.

Yeah, first blog. Woo.


  1. CrypticTaco's Avatar
    Snail sex? lmao.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carbonfiber
    Snail sex? lmao.
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