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Anyone ever gone through a Tell everyone phase? or how I like to call it an Awww Screw it phase!

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So yeah, When I was a new TB. Maybe about a year into it I kind of got tired of hiding it per se. I told many people. I told people I knew IRL and everyone I met online I told them. Oh yeah Um.. I'm a gamer, Photographer, High School student and a Teenbaby/diaperlover. Many people where quite interested in it and I told them more about it. (online) I gathered many more positive responses then negative ones. (That's how I kind of got my fiancee) Anyways Girls dig it for the most part. (only one girl didn't "like it") and I start bringing plushies and stuff to school and cuddling with them during class. Or wearing oversized long sleeve shirts and just in general acting a bit more childlike. Being more comfortable with myself. I even told people "I have 3 sides to me. One is Me, The other one is my internal crack (I had issues and my friends knew it. I'd just randomly black out and do crazy shit) and then My last one is private and no one will know unless I tell them. I laughed and people where dying to find out what it was. I said Well *insert girls name* Knows about it... ask her. Then she wouldn't tell anyone. I made her promise. Overall I had fun with this little secret.

I was fairly popular.... see in my High School is was "you stuck with a group" So I was in the same group my entire highschool career. Anyways this lasted a while till I got preoccupied with other stuff. Mainly hacking PSP's and fixing them and playing Monster Hunter with my friends. I was always the odd one tough. Most sensitive, etc etc. I actually found my friends porn rather disgusting..... I would dry heave sometimes..... I was an odd one. So yeah currently many people still remember and stuff and I talk about it casually. Like if they ask me what I did last night I'll be like... Oh I just got in a diaper and cuddled with my plushie. but that phase it's over due to the fact that I don't really gain much from it and I have other more pressing matters to deal with (like college!) Overall I did this mainly as a social experiment and many people find it cool, interesting, MAINLY weird but hardly anyone disowns you or anything. Granted I'm not the normallest person in the bunch... but Yeah I'm me and my friends know that. ^^

So yeah How many of you have gone trough such a phase? a Awww fuck it I'm telling everyone! XD I feel no real shame anymore and I'm pretty comfy. The reason why I won't tell more people is because... really they don't need to know but if they find out.... Screw it I don't care. The main reason I keep this seperate from my life is because of my professional life. I can't go very well combine work with play. (Work is very social thing, rumours can destroy a man) So essentially I keep it hidden because of my career as a photographer... don't think people would find the idea of their photographer having an alternative "lifestyle"/fetish and flaunting it. Otherwise Yeah I'd go crazy with it. ^^

EDIT: Just to be clear I never told anyone that it turned me on. I presented it as platonic and non sexual. Because mainly it's that for me. So yeah I presented it more of a hobby then something that gets my engines running and that is like key to telling people I believe.


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    You made a thread, why did you need to make a blog?
  2. SammiDeschaine's Avatar
    rofl. Zephiel's just goin nuts on the commenting today. seriosuly though, and this is random compared to the rest of your post, what did you do woth PSP's specifically? im the head of a dev team, so id like to get feedback from the scene
  3. dragsnick's Avatar
    I was testing out the blog this post thing. I just hacked other peoples PSP and fix them up. Listen I have programming skills so id like to join your team. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.