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Dream State

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Over the last few months I have felt as if I am stuck in some kind of permanent dream state. The best way to explain it is my mind is stuck in this haze that I can't seem to shake. I keep telling myself that some day I will just wake up and things will seem so much clearer. But, days turn into weeks turn into months. At some point I will tell myself that this dream is not going away. I will have to face my fears. Take control of my life, and move on.

That said, what if I were to just sell all my possession and move out of state. Or better yet, half way across the country. Just say goodbye to everybody, and start anew? Maybe then I will break free of this fog I'm in. But then again, what if all I am doing is running. And said problems follow me? Then I would find myself in an unfamiliar setting, with no friends, family, and essentially alone. Quite the risk if you ask me.

Moreover, what if I did find what I was looking for. A new life you could call it. New friends, job, relationships, etc... It all could be just one state away. Then again, whats preventing me from finding all that where I am right now?

Well, I don't know what more to say. I will continue to just exists for the time being in my dream state. Not because its comfortable. But, because its familiar.

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