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horrible nightmare

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okay last night i had the worst dream ever basicly went like this(this is very summarized)
i was at summer camp and i was in my sleeping bag but as i get out of the bag i am wearing nothing but pink velvet panties (btw im a guy soo ya) and a spaghetti top but i dont care and i am just walking around the camp doing everything i normally do there then as i go to bed some guy walks up to me and long story short he is my boyfriend and we eerrmm "do it in front of the whole camp and normaly i'm dominant in public exept with my girlfriend but this time the guy was ..."having his way with me and kept calling me sissy and i was enjoying it and right as i "climax" i wake up covered in sweat and shaking like a leaf and i had wet myself in more ways than one (the ONE night i go without a diaper) overall it was the worst thing i have ever experienced i have nerver even considdered being a sissy and i'm kinda bi but i have 90% female prefrence its just that i don't have a problem having a fling with a guy. and i normaly take everything i do to extremes but i never thougt it would be like this please i am more scared than i ave been in a long long time because i don't want to be gay i have enough social problems as it is i really don't need being a sissy to add to the list please what do you think it means/i should do???


  1. jackalpup's Avatar
    or am i just overthinking this and should let it go
  2. Flutterwhy's Avatar
    Dreams are complicated things. They say that flying dreams are really about sex. Then what are sex dreams about? I don't think that being dressed in women's clothes necessarily makes you a sissy. If you had dreamed about being naked would that make you a nudest? You say that you are bisexual. Maybe the the dream is telling you that you need to confront that part of yourself. I'm not saying that you need to sleep with some guy just try to be more open with yourself.
  3. h3g3l's Avatar
    Sex dreams are about flying. As for me, I have been taking Greyhounds everywhere. : (
  4. sparkywuff's Avatar
    so being gay is now a social problem?
  5. Flutterwhy's Avatar
    It adds social complications. That's not to say that there is anything wrong with it.
  6. Mukirr's Avatar
    Well, it's obvious! You want to have sex with your mother... Or you want your mother to baby you. Or you want to replace your mother and have... relations... with your dad? Yeah, that sounds good!

    Freud aside, I wouldn't put too much thought into these dreams unless they come back. Recurring dreams can be you trying to tell yourself something. But then I don't set much store in that kinda stuff anyway. If it's just a one-shot deal, then don't worry about it.

    All I know is that I've had some pretty weird dreams myself, like one where I lit my house on fire, and then went to bed with someone who I can only assume was supposed to be my wife. I also had another where I was ice skating through the Rebel base on Hoth. Does that mean that I secretly want to die in a fire? Or kill my mother in a fire? Or that I'm full of whimsy? Not really. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    And sometimes a weird ass dream is just a weird-ass dream.

    I would, however, go back to wearing diapers every night... Or certainly more often. First of all, because they're rather comfy, and second of all, because it'd be better than waking up in a wet bed again. Since you've apparently been making a habit of wearing them, I don't think it'll matter too much... As far as your sleep patterns go.
  7. jackalpup's Avatar
    this is not the first time i have had this dream but it is the first time i have been in womens clothes and woken up wet
  8. Zephy's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Dynavwryn;bt12005]so being gay is now a social problem?[/QUOTE]

    Well Texas is trying to make it illegal, it's not exactly a "good" quality to the general public. Many places still have issues with being gay. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.