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Well, I think I'm well into the "binge" stage of my ABisim. My AB urges seem to fluctuate between "not really interested" to full-on binging.

It's pretty much to where I'm doing AB stuff as soon as I can every night, and will most probably keep going on until it dies back down again. Anyway, with any good binge, I go on a spending spree. I recently got myself some new goodies.

1: A collar!
2: A paci clip to use along with the collar
3: Some Abri-Form Diapers.

Yes, after ages and ages of me whining about how I was too lazy to get Diapers, I've finally got myself some again, and I'm really enjoying them. Soon I'm planning to get myself a bottle as well, so I'm looking forward to that.

But anyway, I've realy been having a lot of fun binging out over the past 2 weeks, and it's likely to go on for a few weeks more. I've been spending most of my time snuggled up with Humphrey and Cooper watching movies. Diapers are a huge blessing as well, since I don't need to worry about heading to the toilet in the middle of a good movie. The new collar and paci clip are *awesome*. I no longer need to worry about where my paci might disappear too if I stop using it, and quick paci retrieval is good when I need to give Humphrey a few quick nose-kisses.

So, err... yeah. Binging is great!

Humphrey Sez: I's getting lots more hugs lately, so it's great!!! And big bro got this great inventions that stops his paci from going missing!!

Plus, he's also got diapers again! They're fun and crinkly!


  1. Kraiden's Avatar
    Erm, no-one. I think it's just cute. >_>
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