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setra seeeeeecrets [aka, me bored and wasting your time :p]

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I find fart humour amusing, to the point that if I'm in a public bathroom and I hear one, sometimes I can't stop giggling. It's quite emabaressing.


One time, I copied a random system file from the system32 folder in windows and renamed it to a .doc file. Handing this in gave me a day's extension - stupid Windows, corrupting my file :p


Today, when I was vacuuming, I thought to myself "Damn, my deodorant isn't working". But then I realized I forgot to use some this morning. I was never good with mornings...


You haven't truly lived as a bachelor until you've dipped cheddar cheese pieces in strawberry jam (a great snack, by the way).


I was suspended for a week from high school 2 months before graduation for 'hacking' the school's network. I got cocky, else I would've gotten away with it.


I have to stop writing now, because I really need to take a shower


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