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my first and probly only girlfrind

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dont think people care as much as i do so ill just make this a blog but here it goes.
a few weeks ago i went me and another tb/dl from the interwebz decided to get together and just hangout (not anything sexual or relationship wise) we went to this movie toy story 3 (i only watch cartoons because my tv class teacher is so good she has hardwired my brain to disect each and every camera angle and sound effect for every frame for every movie) aaanyways we saw it and absolutly loved it afterwards we went to get some frozen yogurt (not a huge fan of icecream not sure why but it turns out she loves it too :D ) anyway as the night progresssed(skip past part where we talk about everything we have in common.... which is pretty much everyhting) we went to the park in her neiborhood we "somehow" got onto the topic of diapers (big shocker) and turns out we were both waring our diapers right then and there, she confessed she was wet as did i so she invited me to her house and told me her parents were away for a month she took me to her room and ho-ly-shit she had posters of all my favorite bands a massive sterio and everything else i love. them she goes under her bed and pulls out two dry 24/7 diapers and asked " want me to change you first? or you wanna change me" ? at this im going insane in my head but trying to stay cool. (basicly there was a lot of fun that night andits too grapic to explain in detail sooooo) the next day i woke up somehow with a collar on and a leash attached to it. and ever since then we have been going out( she will sometimes put a leash on me as we go for a jog :D) exept untill i had to go to my grandfather's house in michigan(i live in florida) i still call her like twice a week (every day is too clingy for me) and i cant wait to go back oh and this is actualy the first female i have ever dated ( i went out with what i thought was a female before but later found out "she" was a "he") im normaly shallow and find fault in everybody i meet but with my new girlfriend i cant find anything. "i lover her" and i know im only 16 and statitics say that this wont last but i am gunna try my best not to be a statistic. god i cant wait to see her again... tell me do you think im bein blinded by love or could this be real?


  1. diapersrulez's Avatar
    Congratulations, that sounds like fun
    Anyway, good luck with your hopefully long and happy relationship

    PS: on which website did you meet her?
  2. Zephy's Avatar
    Dude, PLEASE punctuate. On the up side, I believe you. :tongueout:

    Seems like you got really lucky. A lot of people seem to either date people who aren't interested at all and it's a big deal to them (I can think of a certain person for that), and some people will date someone JUST because they are into the same fetish. It's cool that you found someone that you can connect with on both levels.

    Did you find her on THIS site? O_o We may have to stop saying it isn't a dating site. :tongueout:
  3. matt1989's Avatar
    Thar is no tailing love is strange like that.All you can do is be happy and go with the flow
  4. jackalpup's Avatar
    i made a copy on accident and double posed there is story
  5. jackalpup's Avatar
    damn i just typed this all up then left but remembered something so i came back and now its gone so if YOU can see the first one and this is just repeat sorry
    ahem. well actualy i met her on a religous site (not christian but will tell you we speak enochain) and she lives in trasilvania (funny if you know enochain) and for a while we just kindof connected..... really well like to the point we told eachother our deepest secrets...she told me she was a baby fur and i told her i was one too. and one day she told me she was moving to america and to florida no less(her parents and my parents are good friends also but no as much as us but they moved 10 minutes from my house) so i was obviously ecstatic so i told her i would give her a tour of the town and then that happened.^^^^
  6. donnyba's Avatar
    Sounds like a bit to much to believe. Sorry man. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.